It is what it is, and try not to be so anxious.

14 Dec

I’ve noticed that I tend to build up scenarios in my head and then get dreadfully anxious about them. For example, I get the idea in my head that someones going to get upset with me when I am two minutes late, then once I’ve got that in place, I start getting super anxious and worried as to what that person will think of me for being late, how they’ll treat me… etc.  Why can’t it just be what it is.  I’m late, and nothing I can do will change it, so why am I worried?

I often think about how I left Vancouver, and get anxious about that.  IT WAS TWO YEARS AGO! Why can’t I just let it go? It is what it is.

I slept in today when I wanted to get lots done, it is what it is.  I don’t have time to get depressed about it, so why bother?

I forgot to buy a new piano book for a student, but I printed out some Christmas music for him, why worry? It is what it is.  Nothing’s going to change.

I think living this way could drastically lower my risk of heart attacks in the future.  I’m usually so high strung, so worried, anxious, and erratic, but it is what it is, I just need to let me brain walk away from things.


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