The experimenters.

10 Nov

I feel like there’s a whole new generation of scientists, but they don’t have to have degrees, or even have gone to university, these scientists are social scientists! I’m so excited to see so many experiment blogs! Weight loss experiment, vegan experiment, local eating experiment, walmart boycott experiment, living off the grid experiment, communal living experiment etc. It’s so cool to see so many people trying different ways of life on for size and then publishing their progress day by day in a blog! I love it.

Anyway, I guess you could still call my vegan thing an experiment. I’m trying to see how healthy I can get, how delicious the food can
be, if I lose any weight, if I don’t get the flu this year, if I feel less lethargic over time… Etc. And it’s still exciting most days.

Here’s my to do list today based around the vegan dinner party I’m having for non – vegans, oh but first I’ll tell you the menu I’ve

Appetizer: lime and black pepper hummus with flax seed crackers
Soup: organic aged red miso
Main: dragon bowl with sprouted whole grains, carrot, kale, chard, beet leaves, home grown bean sprouts, and a Dijon dressing.
Dessert: chocolate peanut butter pie (yum!)

everything I picked I’ve made several times before so I don’t have any cooking disasters!

Here’s the to do list:
– shower and get ready for whatever life throws my way today
– sort laundry and get it started
– empty the dishwasher
– vacuum and dust the tv room, hallway, and stairs
– go grocery shopping for: chickpeas, limes, green onion, kale, apple cider vinegar, fresh parsley and dill, silken firm
tofu, and hemp milk
– come home and prepare tofu marinade and start the marinating process
– make the hummus and refridgerate
– visit with a friend and swap vegan recipes
– teach piano
– visit with my sister and brother in law!
(oh and I want to fit a walk/run in there too)

It looks busy! We’ll see if I can get it all done!



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