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decor around the place.

19 Jul


when weddings were simple.

18 Jul

So lately, I’ve become a little bit overwhelmed by how much MONEY weddings cost! Tal and I could put a down payment on an apartment for what the average cost of a wedding is nowadays. IT’S ONE DAY! ONE SPECIAL DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

What matters, the marriage or the wedding? I’m excited to be married to Tal, to have our own little life together, the wedding doesn’t mean all that much.

It didn’t always used to be this way. It used to be easier for young couples to get married, and most of them are still together today. Now we spend $10,000 average on a wedding, and then breakup 2 years later. hmm. Weddings used to be affordable, the women would get together and cook, they’d have them in backyards, little country halls, and it wasn’t ridiculous.

That’s what I want.

We’re engaged, we’re broke, and life is wonderful.

18 Jul

It’s funny how something that I never used to do, became so much a part of me that I’m going through weird withdrawal not doing it.

Nowadays, we can post memories, photos, videos, thoughts, anything to facebook literally seconds after it happens. It’s strange to not know what to do with the photos on my iPhone. It’s become second nature to just automatically post them to facebook. SO!

I’m going to start a photo album. Not on facebook, not with a flikr account, not on a photo blog, but a true honest to God photo album, with paper photos. An album that withstands any computer crash, that will show our future kids what we were like, when we were engaged, broke, and life was wonderful.

where you from?

11 Jul

Deann and I work together at the store (MBFC) on Sundays.  She’s grown up in all sorts of cool places, from what I understand, and I’ve grown up in two (Surrey and Mission… I know what you’re thinking… DYNAMIC DUO!)

Anyways, seeing as we’ve grown up in such different places, and live in such different environments everyday we thought we would make playlists according to what it sounds like where we live.  Not literally.  Songs that remind of us home, where we live now.  Some songs make you want to be somewhere else, and some songs feel like home, whether it makes home feel good or bad, is a different thing.

Music is so interesting.

You wanna know what else is interesting?

The Fraser Valley, is absolutely filled with glorious, beautiful, dramatic scenery, and it’s all within 20 minutes of where I live!  It’s outstanding!  I feel like it is my duty to experience all that there is to experience where I live!

I have a new appreciation for nature.

Not manicured nature, not manufactured nature, not maintained nature, not postcard nature, but true, raw, natural, rough nature.

The forest has a way of revealing all of it’s flaws with such a strong confidence that it is truly beautiful.  The most beautiful thing there is.

I love it.