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my day has been made, and it’s only 9:30.

23 Jun

I woke up again this morning feeling sort of listless, and frustrated.  There’s so much I NEED to do for the piano studio, and for the wedding, but so much of it is out my reach right now, which leaves me with full, empty days, with little chores, and friend hang outs scattered here and there.  There’s not really any structure outside of, Tues-Thurs aqua fit, my online course (projects due Sunday and Tuesday), and Plugged In on Friday (which ENDS forever this week 😦 ).

So, sometimes I feel lucky to wake up with all this freedom, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it.  In a way I think, “with all this free time, I have hours in abundance to be creative,” but it’s kind of like the stoner who thinks he’s super artistic when he’s stoned, but just sits on a couch and laughs for hours. (not saying that I just sit on the couch all day) Often I’ll set up a little list of chores that would be good to get done, wash laundry, water plants, maybe bake some cookies, and even though I feel productive, I don’t feel like I’ve worked any towards my two goals (MYC Studio/Wedding).

All this to say, I woke up feeling strange.  Then I called Tal, and he asked if I wanted to take a little expedition over to the university to sign himself up for courses, and for some reason it made my day!  It felt productive (somewhat towards the wedding, because it’s his education which… will eventually by our income) and at the same time I got to go outside on a gorgeous day, and I got to spend time with Tal.

For some reason this brought back loads of memories of when Tal and I were first together, and while I won’t bore you with stories, I’m planning on writing a list for my next blog, of some of those really cute things (so be warned).


today is today is today is today.

9 Jun

There’s so much going on, that it feels like there’s nothing to do.  The tasks seem so large, that they seem impossible.

I feel good about my decisions.  I know that teaching MYC was a good idea.  I know that it was the right choice, because things are falling into place.  You know when you make a decision, and then you have to fight for it?  I feel like that was my year last year.  This is the first decision that I’ve made that seems to make sense, no fighting for it.  Piano students are just accumulating, I don’t have to force it.  Odd jobs are showing up here and there.

However, starting my own business, is a little daunting.  I’ll be living with my parents until Tal and I get married next summer (we picked a date! I’ll let you know shortly) so I’m going to be setting up one of the basement rooms as “the studio.”  Right now its a tv room, so the idea of moving the couches/tv/bookshelfs etc. seems  a little big.  Not as big as moving down the acoustic piano/electric piano/storage/crafts etc.  However, I want to do this right, and I’ll do it a step at a time.

Last night I worked on my studio policy, which is fun.  I’ve never imagined actually teaching piano “classes,” but the planning is fun!  I worked out my goals for the year, and I feel like they’re doable.

It’s the whole entrepreneurial trap that’s weighing me down.  When you’re your own boss, there’s always tomorrow.  I hope that if I work in small bits, it will all come together, and I won’t leave it until the last-minute.

Tal and I have a lot to think about.  I’m glad about our decision to stay in Mission for a while so I can set up my business and get things going.  I’m also glad about Tals decision to go to school and figure out what he wants to do.  It’s great that he’s taking the gift of free education that was given to him, and I’m sure that once he’s there for a while he’ll decide what he wants to do.

Life is exciting, but some days can feel daunting.  I’m excited, but a little overwhelmed by it all.  I want to embrace it, and some days I do, but then sometimes I’m a little scared.  There’s so many decision to make that could be great and life producing, and others that won’t be.  My mantra for today at least is, “today is today is today is today.”  I can’t grasp what’s tomorrow.  I can plan what I want to do tomorrow, but all I can truly do, is focus on today.  What small project can I do today, that will make tomorrow better?

An exciting thing!  Today I woke up early and headed to aqua fit with Jenny, and it was super fun.  A Steve Miller song brought back a few funny memories from 4 or 5 years back.  I remembered who I was 4-5 years back, and liked who I was, and who I had become.  Then I came home, started up some chores, some laundry, some sweeping, etc, then made myself breakfast, and started blogging.  I realized that life as  a piano teacher, leaves my mornings and most early afternoons up to me.  Sure there’s planning, preparing, marking and all sorts of other teaching tasks, but my mornings can still be my mornings.

I found that when I am able to spend even a luxurious hour writing, or reading in the morning, I am a lot less stressed than if I just jump into the day.  It’s really, truly, the most luxurious thing anybody could ever have.  Mornings!

I’m very excited to see how life pans out.

I already have 2 MYC students for fall!  My goal is to have at least one class (of at least three students) at each level, and 10 private students in the fall.  I know this is doable.

I’m off to finish up some other chores, but I may take 20 minutes to read first!