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Walking day 1. Vegan day 20.

31 Mar

It’s pretty much agreed that it takes about 21 days to start a habit, where all your little changes become concrete. So one more day and I’ll be vegan by… habit? lol

My walk was glorious this morning! It was probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. As far as walking to make sure I don’t get depressed and groggy in the morning when I sleep in…? I think it will work! (20 more days.. until it’s a habit)

On my walk, I noticed that it was garbage day, and since I was just sort of letting my mind wander and not really contemplating too much, just allowing, I started noticing what people threw away in their recycling bins. Juice boxes, yogurt containers, cereal boxes, milk cartons, pop, beer, and juice cans, laundry detergent bottles… etc. Then I started thinking about the economy and how most of us our kind of low on cash these days.

When my grandma was little, growing up in Nelson B.C, it wasn’t abnormal to be incredibly frugal, actually it was common, because.. well it makes sense! When the sheets on the bed wore out, her mother would cut them in half down the middle (where they were most worn) and sew them up on the other sides.. so that the outsides which were least worn were now in the insides, and the children could get another year or so out of them. Paper was re-used, string was re-used, vegetables were grown, etc.

Nowadays, we have the convenience factor to deal with. After the depression, and the wars people started wanting to spend, because they had money, and convenience was…convenient. Fast food restaurants started to spring up EVERYWHERE, food started to get processed and frozen, and everything just became… easier! It still was understood though, that if you were light on cash, those conveniences got left, and you opted for the cheaper option.

In my generation, I think we see “conveniences” as absolutes. We can’t live without them. We can’t imagine living without them, because, they were there all our lives. Paper towel, paper napkins, cotton balls, cotton swabs, windex, packaged bread, frozen food, macaroni and cheese, “just add water” meals, juice boxes, individual yogurts, microwave popcorn, microwave dinners, CARS!, internet connection, cable t.v, canned food, fast food! Everything that we want, we can get, pretty cheap whenever we feel like it. But all these things add up to a lot of money… and aren’t really good for our bodies… or the planet.

It would be nice, if everyone over night just, STOPPED. But that’s naive. People aren’t going to just stop using all these convenient things, because they’re convenient, and the owners of McDonalds, CocaCola, Kellogs, Kraft, Pepsi, etc. know this. They aren’t in it for us, or the planet, but more for money, which is what most people are striving for anyways.

That’s disgusting.

I don’t think I could ditch all those things all at once, or even all of them all together. But I do think that I could ditch one thing at a time. It takes 21 days to form a habit, I could ditch paper products that I don’t need (paper towel, paper napkins, kleenex, cotton balls etc (everything but toilet paper :P)) and use alternatives like, dish rags, cloth napkins, a hanky, etc, and by the end of that, I will have successfully given myself a good habit, and used renewable resources. One hanky, dish cloth, and cloth napkin thrown in with my laundry, won’t raise laundry costs, and it will lessen my family’s grocery bill, maybe not by much, but at least a little.

I want to slowly get rid of not needed conveniences until I am more frugal, and happy with my effect on the planet. Right now, I throw too many things away. (It’s funny how many recycle, yet, the slogan goes “reduce, re-use, recycle” meaning first we reduce our use of things, then when re-use whatever we can, and if we have to we recycle… it’s almost as though those first two words don’t exist…)

I have a plan that in the end of the summer I will have gotten rid of a lot of not needed things, and that I will be able to do a one week retreat where I don’t use any conveniences. I think it would be good for clarity, peace, and will just take me out of the influences of marketing, etc. So I’m excited about that! But I do need to work up to that point… Starting.. today! No more not needed convenient paper products!


one more thing!

31 Mar

I don’t want this walking things to become a vigorous exercise, or me trying to raise my heart rate, or trying to burn calories or any of that other stuff, I simply want to enjoy being outside, and see how my body and mind react, therefore, I have put these simple guidelines into place, in my cluttered head.

The morning sounds so pretty, especially in spring, birds, rain, wind etc. So, since I have the WHOLE rest of the day to listen to music, I won’t be using my ipod. There’s something really pure about being one person, walking, outside, without something making music in my ear. However, I love music!!! A bunch, and I think it’s awesome to work out to it, and to walk to, and to listen to all the time… but for this exercise I won’t be!

I love walks that are adventures, so I’m not going to plan a route. Each intersection I will decide where I want to go, and see where I end up. With a route in mind, I end up working towards something, and then it becomes just that… work! I want this to be peaceful and more meditative than working out, or walking to get somewhere.

Because I want this to be peaceful, I don’t want to force myself to walk for a certain amount of time. If I walk for half an hour one day, one hour the next, and twenty minutes the day after that, I think thats okay. As long as it doesn’t start to conflict with my other day plans, I think that peaceful walking should be as long or as short as it is, although I would imagine to the end of the driveway and back, is sorta a cop out lol. I also can’t imagine it conflicting with any other plans, considering I usually don’t roll out of bed til around nine…

So thats that. No music, no direction, no timeline. Just thoughts, peace, and being grounded.

Walk. Walk. Walk.

31 Mar

Since I’ve gone vegan (a total of twenty days) I’ve tried to incorporate a lot of healthy habits (for me and for the planet) but I have to be honest, even though I’ve cooked, composted, gave up meat, cheese, eggs, and milk, and started a vegetable garden, I haven’t done that much walking. Walking often fills me with clarity and sort of grounds my thoughts and settles me out. Usually when I walk, I’ve got a goal, I’m going somewhere, but walks without a goal are usually much more… Exciting and peaceful!

Therefore, twenty days into being vegan (which definitely won’t be stopping after thirty days… I still don’t miss any animal products, and now when I see a cow I know that I won’t be eating it later) I am going to do thirty days of morning walking, rain or shine, weekend or week day, tired or not. Our human health is super important and we’re given everything we need to keep ourselves healthy, no gym memberships or fancy diet meals/shakes whatever!

God gave us earth and plants and good amazing yummy food! So for the next thirty days I will walk in the early morning and see if it makes me feel any more grounded, clearer, and more peaceful than sleeping in until nine and feeling muddled and befuddled about the day.

Starting tomorrow morning, after I get some sleep!

I like blogging about these things, because, even if no one reads them, the chance that someone might read it is there, and then if I run into them they might say, “hey! How’s the walking thing?” and if I haven’t been walking, well it would be embarassing lol, so in a way, you’re keeping me accountable to my healthy habit goals, by sitting at your computer and glancing at your facebook feed! It’s also pretty cool if anyone gets inspired by any of it! Because it’s so good for us!

my bedroom

29 Mar

My bedroom hasn’t been very peaceful or inviting since I moved out last spring, and moved back in in the summer. It’s still pretty ramshackled and pieced together. I have taken everything out of my room that isn’t in my colour scheme… and I hope that after I paint it all comes together.

Here is my absolute dream bedroom!

Hallo day 17!

28 Mar


It’s been 17 days without a trace of animal products (as far as I know… apparently they can slipped unnoticed into a lot of things) and I am still super content!

The more I learn the more options seem to open to me, as more bad, gross things get kicked out! The more I learn about food processing, and just straight up whats bad, and whats good, the more I think, hmmmm, white sugar probably isn’t a good thing lol… and who knew nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, zuchinni, and peppers) weren’t meant to be consumed eveyday!

I’ve been reading a lot and I think I may have to switch a bit of my diet focus. I’ve been eating loads of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and soy based foods, and not so many beans. It shou be loads of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, loads of beans, and some soy products… so not to mess with my hormones.

So I guess moving away from sugar and using brown rice syrup, and maple syrup, taking out all processed food, and using whole foods, and replacing most soy products with whole grains and beans will be my next project.

I was thinking that after this month, I’d stay vegan and also do the 100 KM diet (eating nothing that wasn’t grown within 100 km of where I live…) but now I’m thinking I’ll do vegan with more beans and whole grains (less soy) and kick sugar and processed foods!

Also, 100 km will be easier in the summer when my vegetable garden kicks into gear! I’ve been learning a lot about the benefits of eating local and I am totally intrigued. A lot of this stuff is totally self explanatory. If we eat from foods closer to home then we’ll be cutting down loads of pollution, and eating foods that were meant to grow in the area that we live. Pineapples and Mangoes aren’t grown here, and are meant to cool people off in warmer climates… I wonder what veggies and fruits grown near Mission B.C will do for our bodies!

I’m super excited about having whole grains daily, and completely kicking refined foods! Im hoping it will do wonders for my skin/body. YUM! I’m pretty sure this summer is going to be yummy!

Last night I cooked up some whole wheat pasta, chard, and a yummy peanut sauce for my sister Allie and her husband Brent, it was delicious… but I forgot to take pictures 😦

Anyways, enjoy your day! Eat veggies!


24 Mar

I guess this means I’m nearly halfway done? I figure right off the bat I’ll just let you in on some
of the stats! Still haven’t craved a thing, lost another pound and a half (so 2 1/2 in total), I have loved all the interesting cooking, I have loved
growing sprouts and planting seeds (which are finally peaking our of their little egg carton soil beds), I love going to bed at night knowing that absolutely everything that went into my body was usable and good for me, my nails are growing like crazy, my skin feels
good and I have thoroughly been enjoying pineapple.

I really felt that by giving it a thirty day window it would be super safe. I honestly thought I would have caved in the first day or two, but the food is just too amazing, plus there’s plenty of vegan junk food out there! All this to say, that now that I’ve read a couple
books on it, made loads of recipes, am half way through the month, and I still haven’t slipped because it’s so good, I’m
not sure that after thirty days I’ll want to stop.

It feels good.

Day 6

16 Mar

I’ve almost completed an entire week on the VEGAN diet! So, far I really love it, and can’t see myself stopping. I’ve watched my parents eat beef lasagna, and black berry cream flan, and been happy to have my vegan lasagna, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

One thing I’ve really been loving is that my skin is clearer up, and is way less dry than it was even just a week ago! Also I was on a very reduced calorie diet before this, and I figured that going from counting every single calorie that entered me, to a diet where you eat whatever as long as it’s not an animal product or processed would make me gain weight, but I’ve actually stayed at the same weight all week!

I love that I feel lighter mentally, spiritually, and physically. My limbs feel easier to move! I feel great about what my decision is doing for the planet, and also that my choice is spurring other people to make the same decision!

I am very surprised that I don’t feel like I’m giving anything up, because this food is so good! I haven’t craved cheese, or meat at all!!!!

I’m too lazy to continue posting the yoga poses, but really encourage anyone who’s interested to look up the daily dozen yoga poses and to try to work them into a routine!

Keep saving planet earth!