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It’s hard to say.

14 Feb

It’s hard to say when you’ll be in the right place and the right time, at the same time.
It’s hard to say when you’ll have enough to be satisfied or when you won’t.
It’s hard to say when you’ll do what you’re supposed to do and when you won’t.
It’s hard to say when you’ll fall in love or if you ever will.
This is what I love about being human.

We can map, chart, and plan our lives, but most don’t end up where they had imagined they would.
Jimmy wants to be an astronaut and is now a physiotherapist.
Tal wanted to be a giraffe.

This adult human life is here, now, present, and sometimes I live up to it and sometimes I don’t.
Sometimes I choose to be or not be the adult I’m supposed to be.
Sometimes thoughts blur my vision and I do stupid things, without thinking or meaning to.

I love this life.
I have someone who loves me unconditionally.
I have a family that loves me unconditionally.
My mommy is one of my best friends.
My grandma is one of my best friends.

My family and love inspire me to be here, now, present, living.
I love this human life.


Spring may sun.

4 Feb

Spring is almost here. People are digging it wherever you go. Today spring sun’d. Tomorrow spring may rain. Lindstom & Christabelle – High & Low is gonna be my summer song…I can feel it.

Here is my spring may sun list.
1. Hello Sunshine – Super Furry Animals
2. Liberty Belle – Super Furry Animals
3. What Would I Want? Sky – Animal Collective
4. Any Colour You Like – The Flaming Lips
5. Highway (Under contruction) – Gorillaz
6. Person to Person – Average White Band
7. Deadweight – Beck
8. Oh Superman – Laurie Anderson
9. Big Indian – The Dandy Warhols
10. Come in Please – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
11. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt.1 – My Morning Jacket
12. Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
13. Say Yes! To Michigan! – Sufjan Stevens
14. On a Highway – Animal Collective