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if life were this chill.

21 Oct

Sunday morning, after party, charter bus to the city, dipped in liquid gold.

Zero 7 – Home
Radiohead – Idioteque
Primal Scream – Higher Than the Sun
Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew – Underneath the Skin
The Shins – A Comet Appears
The Beatles – I’m so Tired
The Beach Boys – In my Room
Clytus Gottwald – Lux Aeterna
Paul Simon – Duncan
Donovan – Oh Gosh
Joanna Newsom – The Sprout and The Bean
The 88 – I’m a Man
Nada Surf – Your Legs Grow
Vangelis – Tales of the Future


quick review

21 Oct

I have lost two inches to my waist.
I have read more fashion magazines than what is healthy.
I have taken a liking to mens sweaters and highwaisted pants.
I have been working at my aunts store (my best friend’s closet) Thursday through Sunday.
My boyfriend has a second interview at Urban Outfitters today.
I love being in the city again.
I woke up with a horrible migraine (more on this later)
I may or may not be playing at open mic night tonight.
I have a new appreciation for the likes of Marc Jacobs, and the woman behind Jimmy Choo.
I’ve been dead tired the last three days.
I fell asleep while getting ready this morning.
I’m buying my brother-in-laws car.
I’m getting an iphone tonight.
My sister and her husband are moving to Saskatchewan.

My sister and her husband are moving to Saskatchewan.

My sister and her husband are moving to Saskatchewan.
My other sister had her baby.
My brother is the next Andy Kaufman.

So, as I was saying, I woke up with a horrible migraine. It was one of those ones where you can’t move your head in any direction, and you have to keep your right eye closed. Now all the people who have ever had a migraine are thinking as they read this, “I know what you mean,” and all the other people that haven’t had a migraine are going, “I’ve never had one but they sound horrible.” This leads me to wonder, are all migraines the same, or are they a strictly personal experience. We may have the same symptoms sometimes, but could we ever honestly know for sure if it was the same feeling? I don’t think so, but I’m also naive on the subject and am welcome to any insights on this very unimportant matter. It would be rather nice if it was a universal feeling, migraines, that way if you did get migraines you’d belong to this universal club of people that migraines, and we could all relate to one another so swell, because we’d know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were infact feeling the same thing…
I should take a nap.

Anyways, I had piano history this morning at 10 AM, and as I was getting out of the shower at 8:45 AM I was in a huge amount of pain, the migraine and all etc. So I thought, ok, I’ll wait until the medication kicks in and just sit her on my bed with a towel on my head, with my right eye closed, and not move my neck, and see if in twenty minutes I am better. That way if I was I could still throw clothes on and make it to my bus which would take me up to piano. Instead I fell asleep sitting there, and woke up at 10:45 still wearing the towel turban. I am the poster child for glamorous….joking.

“Oh darling! I feel faint,” she says as she fans her face and collapses into the velvet chaise lounge, angled every so slightly towards the bay window, which over looks the garden and the hedge maze.

Tal and I had a discussion the other day about music, more of a debate, that I think would make an interesting screen play. (I am typing this with one eye closed, waiting for this headache to part)

I just finished writing out 75% of it, and realized it may only be interesting to me, so I deleted the entire thing.

Last night Tal and I went library searching for Audrey Hepburn movies. We specifically wanted “Wait until Dark,” and, “Charade.” We came out of the libray with, Charade, Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Eugene Levy’s Guide to Home Safety, and SNL 25th Anniversary. I figure that was like a gold mine.

On our way home we invited Caitlin (cady) and Ben over to watch Charade or Annie Hall with us. Pudding was 79c for four cups at Superstore so I bought both butterscotch, and chocolate and made a pudding pyramid to go along with a our splendid array of movies.

We ended up watching Annie Hall because I’d been telling Cady about it and she’d never seen it, and Ben had never seen a Woody Allen movie. They liked it, and I discovered something about myself.

Not only am I Carmen Loretta, daughter to Eugene and Catherine, granddaughter to Hal and Loretta and Carly, and Lynn, girlfriend to Tal, sister to Isaac, Allie, and Theresa, employee of my aunts store, co-leader of Plugged in, piano teacher to several students, etc. but I am also Diane Keatons child, who discovered at an early age that she could not handle the limelight and left for a life of adventure, and that’s why I feel such a close connection to her.

“Oh darling, my fan, please, I’m dieing in this heat,” she says as she sips her lemonade on the veranda whilst watching her daughter with the young man that had come to do her riding lesson.

I’ve been reading fashion magazines like crazy, because I realized that although I may really enjoy putting things together, labels really don’t mean very much to me. Meaning I don’t really know them that well, and have never really cared to know. But now that I’m working in a consignment store where women who really do care a lot about labels are leaving there clothes with us to sell, I figure, it’s important that I know the difference between a few of these designers.

All this to say, I was reading Harpers Bazaar, and what I got from it was, basically everything that’s been in since 1951 is in again. You can do anything. I guess because of the recession, the biggest designers, with the exception of a few like Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace, decided to create very wearable timeless classic items, that would be wearable, and wouldn’t have an expiry date. This is fabulous news to me. I’ve never cared about fads, or trends, because I find them frusterating, as soon as you have enough money to take part in one of them, they’re over and you’re new scarf is passe. But if fashion is all about quality and timelessness, then I’m in. That means essentially, whatever is glamorous, casual, put together, casual, leather, faux leather, fur, faux fur, bright, subdued, eighties, seventies, nineties, sixties, or fifties, is doable. This opens up tons of options, which makes me happy.

Anyways, that’s a little bit of where I am right now.


7 Oct

mood swings
angry outbursts
confusion or fuzzy thinking
cravings, especially for salty or sweet foods
alcohol intolerance
abdominal and pelvic cramps
weight gain
menstrual migraines
breast swelling and pain
edema (visible swelling, particularly in the hands, feet and legs)
sinus problems
sore throat
worsening of chronic conditions like arthritis and ulcers
difficulty with coordination, being more prone to accidents
dizziness, decreased balance
heart pounding (palpitation)

fabulous! fantastic! good.

6 Oct

Yay! Life is fabulous!

So, as you may or may not know, visual merchandising fascinates me. I’m always totally impressed by an amazing window or store display. Marketing also makes me happy, how you word things, act, etc, actually plays a role in what people think about a certain product, whether or not they will buy it. I love it.

So, also as you may know, my aunt is opening up consignment store on 16th and Cambie,(six blocks up from the City Hall skytrain station on the Canada line)and I get to play a part in it. I am going to be working there Thursdays – Sundays, and I get to design the windows and store displays!!!!

I am very very excited, also very nervous, because as much as I love it I haven’t had too much experience. I am thrilled though because it really is a once in a lifetime situation.

Now I have an excuse to look up all the visual merchandising information that I want, and for it to not be wasting time. This also gives me a way back into the city. Hopefully I’ll be able to move out there and work full time eventually.

Merchandising is a fabulous creative outlet, I’m always so stoked to see what people will think of, what themes, colours, details that they use. It’s amazing.

I lost seven pounds.

On the social front, last weeks games night was a success. Pretty funny head bandz game that we played for HOURS! Also MARGARITA NIGHT is on Friday, and I’m getting pretty excited about, I still don’t know what I’m going to wear. I really do have an awesome group of friends who make my days so happy!

Another thing that just made me super happy, was that Tal and I settled into the couch to watch some home and garden television, and it just happened to be on the movie channel, and it just happened to be play ANNIE HALL and it just so happened to only be about 15 minutes in!

So the dilemma is I have piano history, grade 10 piano, I have 8 piano students at the moment, coming up with a window design for the store opening, researching designers, plugged in (grade 7 and 8 group at the church)!!!!

My day planner is like a golden scepter.

I really can’t express enough how happy it makes me to be able to be in the city four days a week. It’s so inspiring to be around that many people…all the time. I can’t wait to see what else life has in store.

I’d love to…

4 Oct

I’d love to fill you in on all of the beautiful things that are emerging in my life, but I’m just too tired.

I’ll let you know tomorrow.


Tropicalia – Margarita Chic

1 Oct

My baby and I are old geezers.
Move out of the way you whippersnappers, it’s Margarita night, and don’t you know it.
“Don’t you forget your sassy shirt Tal,” I’ll say.
“Of course not Carmen,” Tal’ll reply back, “I always dress Margarita chic.”