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30 Sep

I found ‘sup magazine… well actually viva-radio showed it to me. But I looked up their website, and you can basically read all the articles there. I love the Internet for that.
The new york times is all on the Internet.
The Vancouver sun is all on the Internet.

So ‘sup magazine is pretty rad..I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

In general I’m very happy with my life. nothing to complain about. I love the idea of getting out more, seeing the city more, doing more art, reading more, becoming more knowledgeable and all that jazz.

I keep thinking two years three years down the road, which is my biggest downfall. I always want whats coming, and never what I have right now. So I have to work on loving what I have…RIGHT NOW!

which is life.


these are the days.

30 Sep

The sound of the dishwasher running
and rinsing.
The carpet against my socks.
The sound of my squeaky hiccup.
I’m home at midnight.
There’s still 16 and a half books to read sitting
on my dresser
and on my floor.

Vancouver Half-life

28 Sep

The revolution will not be televised!

23 Sep

Grab your honey, take off your shoes, sit on the carpet and let the jazz-swing-beat poetry concoction blow your mind.

Transistor baby!

1.Your feet’s too big! – Fats Waller
2.Josephine – Adrian Rollini Quintet
3.Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone – Billie Holiday
4.Chicken and Waffles – Bunny Berigan & His Blue Boys
5.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil-Scott Heron
6.Oop-Pop-A-Da – Dizzy Gillespie
7.Numb Fumblin’ – Fats Waller
8.The World Is a Beautiful Place – Lawrence Ferlinghetti
9.Home James – Harry James & The Boogie Woogie Band
10.Java Jive – Ink Spots
11.Straighten Up and Fly Right – Nat King Cole
12.Epistrophy (live) – The Thelonious Monk
13.Upstairs – Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys
14.Yours and Mine – Teddy Hill Orchestra
15.Lorna Dune Shortbread – The Spencer Trio
16.Mr.P.C – John Coltrane
17.Poetrty and all That Jazz – The United Future Organization


five books at a time.

23 Sep

From now on I will only allow myself to get five books out of the library at a time. It starts to stress me out when I have 28 books out and they’re due two weeks from now and I’m only done two of them.

I figure five is good because that gives me a couple extra in case the first couple of books don’t hold my attention.

Right now I’m studying early music (Gregorian chants etc.) … It’s all part of getting my ARCT… and it’s been really interesting. I just started and we’re just looking at the 400s and it’s crazy…which inspired me to start reading more than just what’s come out right now.

I really enjoyed literature in grade 12 but basically forgot a lot about what I learnt, because I did art through all those classes and didn’t pay attention.

Soooo I found a list of books I am going to work through. I will make my pilgrimage down to the library with my gross amount of books to return and start fresh with this massive list.

Side note.
I listen to viva radio in case you haven’t already heard, and I found this show on it called, “Believe it! Achieve it!” I’d already heard of it, but I had never listened to a whole show (they’re only like 20 minutes long). It’s this guy Troy who interviews congressmen in the USA. It’s terribly funny in both senses of the word. One it’s just so sarcastic you can taste it, and two, it’s terrible that he actually organized interview with these men and then basically wasted their time…but it is incredibly amusing.

I realized that I hadn’t written anything in my blog about going to PORTLAND and my 19th birthday so I thought I’d write in note form a little of whats been going on in the last five days or so.
– picked my mom up from work at five p.m last Friday and drove all the way down to Portland (five hours or so)
– toured around Portland…Loved it, except there’s nowhere to eat because it’s all bars….soooooooooooooooooo we found this Thai restaurant..and I’m not the biggest fan
– checked out lots of art galleries (bought cheap art that I am in love with check out

– went to Powell’s books which is a used book store which is a whole city block wide…and deep (beautiful)

– went to MAC and found out that it’s really cheap there
– loved that there was no tax on anything
– stayed at this crazy trendy hotel
– loved Portland

the next day was my nineteenth birthday…it was a family birthday in Langley. and i felt really honored…I’m planning something with my friends later (Cady’s birthday is…today actually so we might do something together..?)

I can drink in public.

Then I came down with a cold/fever.

So that’s just a little bit of explosive goo from my brain, to catch you up on things.

it feels luxurious.

18 Sep

Sometimes it depresses me to have a bubble bath at eleven am, and sometimes it feels so luxurious that I can’t help but love it.

Sometimes cleaning the house feels like a huge daunting chore, and sometimes it feels like a dirt devil and a half an hour.

Sometimes 25 pages of music history homework seems like open books and frusteration, and sometimes it feels like adventure.

Sometimes practising piano seems like a 2 hour back ache, and sometimes it feels as beautiful as it looks when someone plays the harp.

Sometimes cleaning my closet feels like a huge cavern that has to be wiped out every square inch, and sometimes it feels like shopping.

Today I read more laws in Leviticus and Numbers, cleaned the house, had a bubble bath, invited Tal over for french toast, sausages and eggs, practised piano, worked on history, discovered lots of interesting facts, cleaned a room, made fajitas, and who knows what else will happen.

Viva brazil keeps me going through the day. It has to be the happiest music there is.

Today was one of those days where cleaning the house was quick, my bubble bath was luxurious, breakfast was scrumptious, practising was fun, history was an adventure, and cooking was beautiful.

Why you keep making that face?

15 Sep

Put on headphones and silently dance to this in your head,
play it loud and dance alone,
or play it louder and dance with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Temptation – Heaven 17
Living In the USA – Steve Miller Band
We Share Our Mothers’ Health – The Knife
Pick Up The Pieces – Average White Band
Stop ou Encore – Plastic Bertrand
I Don’t Like Your Widows Peak – Mika Miko
Jungle Fever – The Chakachas
Garra – Marcos Valle
D’ya Think I’m Sexy – Hybrid Kids
Livin’ Astro – Kool Keith
Janessa Sais Quoi – Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound
Let X = X – Laurie Anderson
Transmission – Joy Division
God Save The Queen – The Sex Pistols
I Know What Boys Like – The Waitresses
Mona Lisa – Slick Rick